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Friday, 24 December 2010 22:01

This is not essential in more urgent situations, but highly recommended as it is important to maintain communication with your GP. Both your GP and your Optometrist can directly refer you.

Referral Hospitals for private cataract surgery

Spire Hospital Leeds
Nuffield Hospital Leeds

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IOL implants

IOL implants are inserted after cataract removal. They are typically injected into the eye via a small incision about 2-3mm in diameter, so as to minimise astigmatism.

IOL implant

Risks of surgery

Cataract surgery is generally very safe, however risks of infection and bleeding can occur in less than 1% of cases (typically less than 1 in 5000 for risk of visual loss).

risks of surgery

How long does it take?

To perform the actual surgery, about 15 minutes, sometimes less, sometimes a little longer.

time for surgery

When to operate?

If your cataract is interfering with your vision, with your activities of daily living, then it may be appropriate to remove. Visit your optometrist and they will be able to examine you and see if you might benefit from a referral.